The Main Ingredient Deli-Restaurant-Catering

George Matyjewicz
Mon, Feb 15, 2021


The Main Ingredient

A Legacy of Kosher Take out

Welcome to Main Ingredient; North Jersey's Premier Kosher Delicatessen and Take Out.  For a full variety of freshly cooked foods, leave the work to our chefs and enjoy a homemade meal.  

The Main Ingredient  113 Main Ave, Passaic, NJ 07055  973.773.MAIN 


  Taking this to the next level, Moishe and his family moved to Canada where he opened another store, this time with a wholesale branch that shipped our products throughout the United States and Canada.  With time, the business expanded to include a full catering operation with the same quality and love from the baked goods present in the food as well. 

Moishe Goldberg fondly recalls his early influence into cooking.  “During my childhood, my mother was always cooking something delicious that was ready to be tasted.  After taking the time to learn the art of cooking and baking, I decided to share my experiences and pass them on.   I drew from the rich wellspring of culinary secrets that I learned from my family over the years and used this to create the culinary treasure that we now are blessed to have.”

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