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Adas Israel Newly Renovated Ballrooms Available

The Adas Israel ballrooms are now newly renovated and available for your Simcha! ☛ The best, largest, and most elegant ballrooms in Passaic. ☛ Our beautiful main ballroom can accommodate 300, and 125 may be seated in the adjacent, smaller ballroom. Combined, both rooms have a capacity for 425 people. ☛ The smaller ballroom may be used for Shabbos meals, Brisim, Sheva Brachos, etc. ☛ Includes kitchen facilities and large parking lot. ☛ Please pay a visit to our facilities, we’re sure you’ll be impressed. CONGREGATION ADAS ISRAEL 565 Broadway, Passaic NJ | 973-773-7272 <a href="">adasisrael@</a> |

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