Hudson Regional Hospital

Hudson Regional Hospital is a brand new hospital, started in January, 2018 on the Hackensack River, in Secaucus, New Jersey, in the middle of the New Jersey Turnpike and busy Route 3 traffic flow. HRH has a helipad for transporting injured persons from the scene of an accident to the hospital and/or for transferring patients in critical need of specialized services from HRH to another hospital having that capability.

HRH brings a mission of "Building a Healthier Community" with a ‘patient-first’ philosophy, providing high-quality, cost-effective healthcare delivered by considerate medical professionals. Technology plays an important part in the healthcare provided by HRH.

New Future

We seek to build a healthier community through exceptional care, sophisticated information technology and knowledgeable physicians.

New Commitments

Patient care, comfort and security are our top priorities.  Significant investments are being made in technology; research innovations to enable streamlined efficiency; investments for the physical environment including parking lot renovations, interior and exterior renovations and modernizing communications and technology available to patients.

New Results

We are adding different physician groups weekly to our roster - friendly, knowledgeable and caring providers which means our capacity for care is growing exponentially. Using the latest technologies, Hudson Regional Hospital is guided by a staff of physicians who highlight trust, approachability and community as paramount in patient-care – all designed to make Hudson Regional Hospital your destination for healthcare needs.  In-network or in discussions to be in-network with all insurance companies.  For those not yet in-network, we participate as out-of-network.

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