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Mon, Mar 22, 2021


Position: Director of Human Resources

Salary: $125,000-$150,000

Location: Brooklyn, NY


Primary Purpose: Management of the day to day Human Resources (HR) functions in the following areas:  organizational development, employee / labor relations, performance management and recruitment.


Responsibilities (Include but are not limited to):


·         Reviewing, interpreting, implementing and enforcing company policies and procedures as necessary.  Communicating changes to managers and entire company as necessary.

·         Recruiting, screening and hiring of staff and interacting with employees at all stages of their employment life cycle, including recruitment, on-boarding (i.e. orienting new employees to organizational policies and procedures), reviews, and termination.

·         Orienting new employees to organizational policies and procedures

·         Overseeing compliance with all relevant federal, state, and local employment and labor laws.

·         Supervising payroll administration including time and attendance, Paid Time Off, including accrued time, and both internal and external payroll reporting.

·         Supervising, coordinating and managing benefits administration including health, dental, and life insurance, as well as 401-K, among other supplemental benefits.

·         Overseeing and restructuring performance evaluation and improvement system, professional development programs, and compensation benchmarking procedures.

·         Overseeing maintenance of employee and payroll records.

·         Overseeing all payroll, performance, and benefits-related reporting.

·         Employee relations, including managing employee conflict resolution.

·         Managing and mentoring human resources staff.

·         Insurance Coordination

·         Assist in gathering and providing information necessary for insurance companies to determine our liability, property, unemployment, health, workers’ compensation, disability, officers & directors and other insurance needs and policy limits.

·         Manage negotiations and review of policies.

·         Work with insurance companies to provide policy documentation information to funding sources and other parties as necessary.

·         Coordinate filing and response to claims.

·         Assist in identification of policies which are adequate and most cost-effective.

·         Serve as point person for staff to contact regarding all insurance issues.




·         Must maintain a high degree of confidentiality. 

·         Excellent computer skills (proficient in word, excel, internet research)

·         Excellent written skills-able to draft documents without guidance

·         Detail oriented

·         Excellent at multitasking and setting priorities.

·         Education and / or Experience: MS and prior HR experience preferred

      ·         Language Skills: Must have excellent verbal and communications skills.


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