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Ebates - get up to 40% cash back on purchases from over 2,500 stores
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I’m getting Cash Back at my favorite stores with Ebates! I was pleasantly surprised when I ordered some landscaping stuff from Lowes and got money from Ebates, which include a $10 bonus for joining. It shocked me to see rebates from my favorite travel sites and stores like Amazon, Lowes, eBay, Macy's, Chewy.com, PetCo, Office Depot, Groupon - they have 2,500+ stores affiliated with the program. With Amazon, I use the "smile" program which gives a percentage of my purchases to a charity of my choice (Bikur Cholim) and I still get rebates! More about Ebates below or <a href="https://www.ebates.com/r/GEORGE24299?eeid=28187">Click here to join for free and get a $10 Welcome Bonus.  </a> <strong>You might be wondering, “Is Ebates a scam?” and "How do they make money?"</strong> First of all, since their founding in 1999, Ebates has helped its members — 10 million and counting — earn over $1 billion in Cash Back at their favorite stores. They are one of the largest free-membership loyalty programs in the U.S., with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and have had a compound annual growth rate of 50%.  A proud member of the Rakuten family of companies, Ebates is the Official Shopping Rewards Partner of the Golden State Warriors. <strong>How does Ebates work?</strong>  The process is simple. You (the customer) go to <a href="https://www.ebates.com/r/GEORGE24299?eeid=28187">Ebates.com</a>, search for the store you want to shop at, click the “shop now” button, and shop at the online store (as you normally would). Once you’ve made a purchase, a percentage of the purchase shows up in your Ebates account. Or, you can attach the Ebates browser extension, which will sit at the top of your window, and when you visit an eligible store, a message will pop up that says “Activate Up To __ % Cash Back”. Click on the button, and you’ve created the tracking ticket needed to track your order. You don’t even need to visit Ebates.com. If Ebates offers 10% cash back for shopping at Target and you buy something for $500, you’ll get $50 in cash back. <strong>How does Ebates make money?</strong> You need to understand how affiliate marketing works to understand Ebates’ business. Affiliate marketing is a business model where companies (i.e. online stores) pay people a commission for referring sales. Ebates is an affiliate to over 2,000 stores. When someone clicks on an Ebates link to a retail store, Ebates get a commission. Ebates gives you half of their commission (via cash back). This is a win-win-win. The store gets more sales. Ebates makes a commission. You make free money just for shopping. <strong>Example:</strong> You go to Ebates.com and click through to the Best Buy store. You buy a MacBook from Best Buy for $1,000. Ebates gets a 4% ($40) commission from Best Buy for referring the sale. Ebates give you half of their commission ($20) in the form of cash back. Once you click through to your store of choice and make a purchase, the cash back will show up in your Ebates account within seven days. <strong>Who is this for?</strong> Ebates is free and will never cost you anything, so you can only benefit from using the site. You shop for something you would normally buy and then get money back in return. If you don’t shop much online, Ebates might not be for you. Let’s say you only spend $20 per month online. With an average cash back rate of 5%, you’re only looking at $1 cash back. Is it worth your time? Probably not. For me, I spend thousands online for personal and business use, so this makes Ebates worth my time. Just so we’re clear, people can’t make a living off Ebates and shouldn’t buy things they don’t want on the site. Think of Ebates as a way to take home some side money. <strong>What’s in this for me?</strong> If you sign up via <a href="https://www.ebates.com/r/GEORGE24299?eeid=28187">my link</a> and make a purchase of $25 (through Ebates), I’ll get a $10 commission from Ebates. This decision costs you nothing yet provides me with a commission. Don’t want to use my link? That’s OK, but I appreciate it if you do as it offsets the costs of maintaining Our Kehila.   <a href="https://www.ebates.com/r/GEORGE24299?eeid=28187">Click here to join for free and get a $10 Welcome Bonus.</a>   Sincerely, George Matyjewicz

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Location-aware zmanim (Jewish prayer times, Holiday start/end). Includes: * 90+ different zmanim, including GR'A & MG'A-click to select * Notification if unable to determine location & help turning on sources * Manual selection of location & time zone Log enhancements: <a href="http://code.google.com/p/android-zmanim/issues/">http://code.google.com/p/android-zmanim/issues/</a>

Minyan Silencer-Turns your phone off &amp; on at scheduled times
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Tired of remembering to silence your phone's ringer during prayers, meetings, or classes? And when you do silence it, do you sometimes forget to turn it back on again afterwards? Then you need Minyan Silencer. MinyanSilencer lets you set up multiple schedules when your phone should automatically turn off its ringer, and then later turns it back on. Schedules can be configured either in absolute time, or relative to sunrise or sunset (particularly useful for prayers / minyanim). If your phone doesn't have GPS, you can manually select a city for calculating sunrise & sunset times. An added optional feature (must be turned on in settings) works when you manually silence your phone, and asks you when you would like it to turn back on again.