Year of The Cat "Best Children's Book of The Year!'

George Matyjewicz
Mon, Oct 24, 2022


Richard (Aryeh) Ho's:


Named to the 2023 edition of Bank Street College of Education's "Best Children's Books of the Year" list!


Was he tricked by the Rat  in the Great Race,  and doesn't get a year in the Chinese Zodiac?  When asked, he said no, because every year is the Year of the Cat!   Your young children or grandchildren will love watching clever Rat learn his lesson as they cheer for the extra-clever Cat!


Author Richard Ho has another excellent book for children of all ages!  Illustrated by Jocelyn Li Langrand and published by Books of Wonder (Children's books) in New York City, you can obtain your copy at And if you see Aryeh in Passaic-Clifton, ask him to autograph your copy!


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