The Ride, a novel by George Matyjewicz

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George Matyjewicz
Mon, Feb 15, 2021


A beautiful day on the island of Sainte-Beuve in the Caribbean as George enjoys a 6:00 AM breakfast on the veranda, only to be shocked to see a plane spiraling, out-of-control to the water. Why isn't anybody out there helping? Where are the rescue teams? The people on that plane will all die!

And that's the bright spot of the one-week vacation of George & Phyllis. Join them as they ride on that revolutionary new method of transportation, only to get hijacked by gunmen. Or did they? And what were those gigantic footprints in the sand?

You will be wowed by all the new gadgets at the villa and in the rooms. And the new method of transportation will surely make you want to go to this island and take part in this wonderful trip. If only it was real!

And the end will surely surprise you, like nothing you have ever read before. This book will leave you wondering why these gadgets and this vessel has not been developed by now. Will they ever be?

Maybe The Ride will give somebody some ideas…

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