"Ten Steps to Eternity"  by Nachman Schachter

George Matyjewicz
Mon, Nov 7, 2022


Here’s a new book: "Ten Steps to Eternity"  by Nachman Schachter that was just released from Artscroll, and I’m in it on pages 103-108.  The book covers Avraham Avinu’s 10 tests and the author weaves real-life episodes into each test.


Nachman Schachter was writing this for a couple of years and was stuck as he couldn’t find a real-life subject to include in the third chapter.  He was visiting in Boynton Beach and davened at Netzach Yisroel, the new shul I am part of building.  One of my partners in this shul told him to meet with me, which he did.  He interviewed me in detail and decided that my story was the missing piece to The Third Nisayon: “Avraham Was Commanded to Leave His Land, His Birthplace and His Family.”  The book is a good read.  And I am honored to be part of this narrative.


Also, Nachman was interviewed by Artscroll and you can see the interview here:



Available at Artscroll: https://www.artscroll.com/Books/9781422632345.html


George Matyjewicz

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