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Warehouse / Facility Manager-Cornwall, NY
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<strong><span id="MasterMacher_CPMain_RPAd_ctl00_LblTitle">Warehouse / Facility Manager </span></strong> <p>A rapidly growing wholesale and retail business is seeking an experienced and effective Warehouse and Facility Manager. This candidate will be responsible for organizing and structuring the warehouse and facility to be able to efficiently process the fulfilment demands of the business. Further, the candidate should be familiar with the vendor demands for most major retailers including Amazon and Walmart vendor and drop-ship accounts.</p> <p><strong>Responsibilities will include:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Staffing and managing the warehouse employees for both receiving and shipping</li> <li>Enforce procedure that meets and exceeds federal and state regulation</li> <li>Ensure that all outgoing shipments are being handled so that the end user receives their product in a neat and clean package</li> <li>Planning to accommodate the fluctuation of demands during the seasons</li> <li>Ensure that each and every order goes out with minimal chargebacks</li> <li>Ensure that warehouse inventory is accurate and stored in an efficient manner</li> <li>Plan and implement a procedure for orders to get picked efficiently</li> <li>Identify and plan cost-saving procedures such as automation and or infrastructure upgrades</li> <li>Develop and implement a return processing system</li> <li>Ensure that any logistical needs for the company is being satisfied</li> <li>Ensure that the facility as a whole is clean and neat and that all maintenance and repairs are delegated and handled appropriately</li> <li>Ensure the facility is safe and secure at all times</li> </ul>   Requirements: <span class="years">Years of experience:</span> 4-6 <p><strong>Qualification and skills:</strong></p> <ul> <li>5+ years in a warehouse management positon</li> <li>Proven history of effective management skills</li> <li>History of using technology to improve warehouse performance and accuracy</li> <li>Ability to work under pressure while keeping up efficiency</li> <li>Understanding of Vendor Guide requirements for all the vendors we ship</li> </ul> Send resume to <a href="mailto:jobs@kshbrands.com">jobs@kshbrands.com</a>

Warehouse Manager - Allentown NJ
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<strong><span id="MasterMacher_CPMain_RPAd_ctl00_LblTitle">Warehouse Manager </span></strong> <p>Looking for a warehouse Manager in our Allentown NJ Warehouse (25-30 min from Lakewood) . </p> <p>Candidate should be responsible , own a car and be able to drive Forklift. Person will manage warhouse worker and building . Flexible schedule. Not high pressure. Decent starting salary .</p> <p>Email: Meyer Bodner <a href="mailto:Meyer@expressivelighting.com">Meyer@expressivelighting.com</a> or call</p> <p>Call Meyer 718-972-1405</p>