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Pre-Pesach Produce: Great Prices - No Shlepping!  Benefit the SHDS!
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<h3>Purchase your produce through the Scranton Hebrew Day School and have it delivered to your door for free.  Call 570-346-1576 for more information or to place your order.  Download the above flyer for more details. Proceeds to benefit the SHDS.</h3> <p>Large  Russet Burbank Potatoes - 50 lb. - $20.00</p> <p>Russet Burbank Potatoes - 5 lb. - $2.00</p> <p>Number 1 Red Potatoes - 50 lb. - $20.00</p> <p>Jumbo Yellow Onions - 50 lb. - $20.00</p> <p>Jumbo Onions - 10 lb. - $6.00</p> <p>Jumbo Carrots - 50 lb. - $28.00</p> <p>½ sack of Jumbo Carrots - Aprox. 25  lb. - $15.00</p> <p>5# Carrots (regular size) - 5 lb. - $3.00</p> <p>Sweet Potatoes - 40 lb. - $16.00</p> <p>“Large” Pineapples - $2.50 each</p> <p>Box of  Zucchini - 20 lbs. - $15.00</p> <p>Full Case Navel Oranges (88) - $32.00</p> <p>½ Case Navel Oranges (44) - $17.00</p> <p>Full Case Apples (100) (Empire, Mac, Red Delicious, Cortland) - $22.00</p> <p>½  Case Apples (50) (Empire, Mac, or Red Delicious) - $12.00</p> <p>3 lb. Bag of Empire Apples - $2.00</p>

Kosher Bagel Munch Thursday Night Buffet!
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<p><strong>Join us each week for our Thursday Night Buffet!</strong></p> <p><strong>5:00-8:30PM</strong></p> <ul> <li>Salad Bar</li> <li>Lasagne</li> <li>Grilled Salmon</li> <li>Grilled Veges</li> <li>Baked Ziti</li> <li>Penne a la Vodka</li> <li>Fetuccini Alfredo</li> <li>Eggplant Parmesan</li> <li>Macaroni & Cheese</li> <li>Espresso Bar</li> </ul> <p><strong>Kosher Bagel Munch-We offer only the best!</strong></p> <p><strong>We offer only the best</strong></p> <p>Whether you're looking for a quick bite or hosting an event, Bagel Munch is the perfect place. Enjoy a variety of our beautifully prepared cuisine. We have the food for every occasion - tasty salads, paninis, muffins, iced coffee, sushi, cookies, you name it. Call us for catering - our unsurpassed platters will put any other caterer to shame.</p> <p><strong>Professional catering for professional events</strong></p> <p><strong>We cater to all sorts of events. Whether it's a bris, seminar, bar/bat mitzvah, brunch, corporate event or fundraiser, we get the job done.  Our staff prepares an exquisite display of our most delicious platters for your event. </strong></p>

Kosher_Konnection CHECK OUR PESACH SPECIALS 2018-5778
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CHECK OUR 8-PAGE PESACH SPECIALS 2018-5778  <a href="user_images/1898942.pdf">http://ourkehilamarket.com/user_images/1898942.pdf</a> Kosher Konnection - WE DELIVER - FREE Guaranteed Same Day Delivery. Send us your order by 2:00 PM or Come in and shop until 2 hours before closing and we will deliver your order within a few hours. In a rush? Just leave your shopping cart and we will take care of checkout for you! Free Delivery on all orders above $100. Order at your convenience! By Fax: 973-777-4991 Or by email: orderskkonnection@gmail.com

King of Delancey PURIM SPECIALS!
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<p><strong><em>King of Delancey Purim specials  </em></strong>All items are 9x13</p> <ul> <li>Poppers 55.00</li> <li>Nuggets 55.00</li> <li>Sesame chicken 55.00</li> <li>Frank N Blanks 65.00</li> <li>Egg rolls 55.00</li> <li>Mini Knish/puffs 55.00</li> <li>Wings 40.00</li> <li>Grilled chicken strips 60.00</li> <li>Pretzel chicken 55.00</li> <li>10 roll sushi platters 55.00</li> </ul> <p><strong>Please place orders by Wednesday February 21.</strong> <a href="mailto:Kingofdelancey@gmail.com">Kingofdelan cey@gmail.com</a></p> <p><strong><em> Try our <span style="font-size: 14pt;">NEW ONLINE ORDERING</span> Login or create a new account.  Then... </em></strong>Click a menu category,select the items you wish to order, specify time for pickup checkout. Your order will be ready at the time you specify. It's that easy!<strong><em> DELIVERY IS ALSO AVAILABLE! King of Delancey, 234 Main Ave, Passaic, NJ 07055</em></strong></p>

Seasons Kosher Supermarket
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Come Join The Family! Check out our weekly specials: https://seasonskosher.com/Content/Files/Clifton-circular.pdf We deliver! Send your order to clifton@seasonskosher.com Tel: 973-339-0900 Fax: 973-339-0922 Store hours as follows: • Sunday, Monday & Tuesday: 7AM - 9PM • Wednesday: 7AM - 10PM • Thursday: 7AM - midnight • Friday: 7AM - 5PM summer, then 7AM - 2 1/2 hours before candle lighting